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ECG Engineering Consultants Group was founded in 1969 by two highly qualified professional engineers; Eng.Samy Abdel-Kawi and Eng. Ashraf Allouba. ECG has grown to become one of the world’s leading engineering companies (ranked 168 by ENR in 2012). Today, ECG enjoys a powerful workforce of over 2100 professionals covering the full spectrum of E/A consultancy firms’ services that span from project identification & design to project & construction management. The firm’s multidisciplinary expertise has allowed it to leave its mark on many of the Middle East development projects including airports, buildings (such as residential compounds, office buildings, banks and financial institutions, commercial and recreational centers,  hospitals, educational complexes, hotels, and resorts), infrastructure, oil & gas, industrial, power, and transportation.

ECG Engineering Consultants Group launched the University to Work (UTW) Initiative in April 2010 as in the purpose of integrating the role of universities, private sectors and community institutions in providing the market with a high-quality and efficient vocational education and skills development to induct engineering students, and get them well-qualified for the labor market in accordance with the national Egyptian goals and priorities.

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